“Thries” Story

“Studio figura” Story

“Maribous Workshop” Story

A video made entirely by Loutsio including Storyboarding, Camera work, Lighting, Video editing, and motion graphics. In this video In this video below meet Herodotos Chimonas, the owner of Μελισσοκομεία Θριές, and learn his story, as well as the daily activities, of a beekeeper! In addition, you can be introduced to some of the products he produces.

A video made for Studio Figura Anglisdes. For this video completion a combination of our camera shots with some already made clips that we acquire all the rights to use them to our video. In this video meet Stalo Orfanidou owner of Studio Figura Anglisides, and be introduced to their services, as well as how they can help you, shape your body to perfection.

A Video made for Maribous Workshop. Another video made entirely by Loutsio (lighting camera work video editing motion graphics). This video aims to introduce the workshop to the public as well as inform them about the services it offers.